Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bits and Pieces

What is it??

It is my 3 1/2 year old LG dryer that isn't under warranty anymore! DD#2's clothes weren't drying and I had my sheets in the wash when we realized it. So we called where we bought it and apparently we didn't get an extended warranty on the dryer ( I do believe the sales guy said that dryers rarely break down LOL!!). So without a warranty, my electrician hubby took it apart to see what was wrong. It turns out it was just a fuse, but of course we figured this out late Saturday afternoon on a long weekend. We couldn't get the part until Tuesday!! Oh, by the way, Sears is a great place to find parts for appliances! We didn't even buy it there! So DH and DD#2 took the wet laundry and travel Yahtzee to the laundry mat to dry. DH put the new fuse and a sensor in yesterday and all is well!! It was only $50 in parts. The place where we bought the dryer from wanted $100 just to come look at it!! My DH is definitely my hero!

In other breaking news.....the world is being taken over by aphids! Who knew!! There are millions of them out there!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

The good news from this weekend is that Michael's had a 50% off coupon!! I know, I don't really need more craft supplies, but I just had to feed my addiction! I got this...

It is a Xyron 510!!! It makes anything into a sticker!!!!!!! This one is 5" wide. You can also get refils for laminating and for making magnets!! This is going to be so much fun!

I put a new Coffee Condom up in the shoppe.

I finally got outside to take pictures yesterday morning. The aphids lightened up a bit so I rushed out and got some done... just before my camera battery died!! LOL!! I feel like a comedy of errors lately LOL!! But I did get some done, so check out the shoppe for some new stuff. I really love this new soy/wool yarn from Patons! The colourways are just so nice and the yarn is really soft!

Off to do laundry! Have a creative, bug free day!!


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yours truly 11:46 p.m.  

Very Cool Sticker Maker! What a neat thing! So, you can turn photos into stickers, too? I might need to look into one of these myself! Can't wait to see what you do with it. BTW ... it's the spiders who've taken over my world! The garden is like the Adam's Family house! Webs everywhere!

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