Monday, May 07, 2007

To Market

We had a beautiful weekend! The weather here was gorgeous! On Friday we went down the the market at the Currie Barracks and picked up some beautiful organic fruits and veggies, lovely artisan breads and some tasty nuts and dried fruits. Then a quick trip into the wine shop on site to oogle all the different wines. We tasted a few and purchased a couple wines we have never tasted before. I can't believe how crowded the market already is on Fridays! I have heard there is a new market that is open more days now so we are going to try to find that one this week.

Saturday and Sunday were spent outside! Besides a quick trip to the Balzac garden shop (taking the long way to take in some site seeing) we were out in gardens.

They don't call Alberta "Big Sky Country" for nothing!!

We added a few plants to the front garden, a new clematis and a blueberry bush and did some cleaning up especially in DD#1's herb garden. Hans got down in the grass and got up most of the dandelions. We like to do them by hand and not add chemicals to the world. We are slowly eliminating the grass in our front yard and replacing it with plants that need less water. I think this year we are going to find a bench for the front garden so we can sit and enjoy all the beautiful plants. One of my tulips finally decided to bloom! All the others are going to follow suit now.

Then it was into the backyard, which needed a big clean up. I got the table and chairs all scrubbed down while Hans reinforced our gazebo. It almost took off a few times in last years winds! With that done, it was on to the job of yard clean up. It is amazing how messy it can get with just the dog using it! It is all tidy now though and ready for barbeque season! Yesterday it was sausages, sweet potatoes and salad!! Yum!!

Today it is supposed to get up to 20C! So I think we finish turning over the back garden and get some lettuces and peas going! Have a mentioned how much I love this time of year!!!


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