Monday, May 14, 2007

Fast Week

I swear time moves faster as we get older!!
This week was spent doing some stuff to get ready for our road trip to BC.

Daisy is now dosed up so that she doesn't get fleas or heartworm in BC. We don't have those here in Alberta. I think it's because it gets so cold here in the winter. She really liked this vet she saw because the vet got down on the ground to her level. I think that is just awesome!!!

I sold a Coffee Condom!! It has been a month since I sold the last one and I was getting a bit disheartened. I am still working on a few ideas for new items for the shop, but planning and packing seem to be taking over. Oh and I am a new aunty again!! So there are a few baby presents to be made to!!!!!

The weather was so beautiful this week, that we had our first impromptu picnic! We keep a picnic basket full of plates and other necessities in the back of our van for just such wonderful moments. It is so good to just stop the day for a while and have a picnic and enjoy each other's company!

We took a quick road trip to Red Deer to see our friends who were in town there for the weekend. It was such a great visit. The kids all really needed to see each other and it was great catching up. I do miss our friends from Cold Lake. Hopefully we will have some good visits over the summer.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I lazed around trying not to think of everything that needed to be done. I got some beautiful tulips and we had a wonderful dinner of Pho (actually we had bun, but it came from the Pho restaurant!) Yum!!!!!!

Well, I'm off to see what trouble I can get into!!!


Paper Girl Productions 10:00 p.m.  

Don't get into too much trouble! I've heard people talk about Pho...what is that?

Caffeinated Crafts 11:15 p.m.  

LOL!! I'll try not to!
Pho is a type of Vietnamese food.
Yum!! We usually get Bun thit nuong though which is noodles and veggies and stuff.

MMMM! Now I'm hungry again!!!

Pinkology 4:07 p.m.  

Wow those coffee condoms are AWESOME! What size needles or hook did you have to use for that?

holly 10:11 a.m.  

I wouldn't worry about not selling coffee condoms right now. My hubby, the die hard coffee drinker hasn't touched any besides his morning cup. In his words "It's too damn hot to drink coffee." I'm a tea drinker myself and am never without my stainless steel travel mug.

Caffeinated Crafts 7:29 a.m.  

Wow too hot for coffee!! LOL!! I can't believe that! LOL!!
I think in the summer I need to push the fact that they can go around iced cappuccinos and slurpies!!

Thanks for the comment!!

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