Monday, April 30, 2007

Purple Haze

DD#1 is now living in a purple haze! The drywall and mudding and sanding and priming are finally done! Today she is painting her room purple. It is a sort of dusty lilac. She is quite pleased with the colour.

While avoiding being creative today, I have tidied the house and planted some new plants in the garden. DD#2 and I planted a Bleeding Heart bush. We also planted some garlic here and there in the garden to try to keep away the aphids and the bunnies! I hope that works!

I also played around with my camera some more. I am trying to learn all the millions of settings that it comes with! I have and Olympus Evolt-330. It is a digital SLR. This is a huge upgrade from my HP digital point and shoot and quite the learning curve from my non-digital Olympus SLR.

I took a few pictures of my studio cupboards. I am trying to organize most of my supplies in photo boxes from Michaels to try to keep everything uniform. So far, so good. Now if only I could find my desk amongst all of DD#1's stuff from her room!!!

Ok, no more excuses! I am off to create! LOL!!


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