Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mother Nature has a sense of humor

I do believe that Mother Nature has a sense of humor! We had almost a week of beautiful weather. It got up to 16C and the snow had just all melted. We even had rain the other night! The following evening, it started snowing an overnight we got over 12cm of snow!! That's almost 5 inches-- overnight!! By the next afternoon, at least the roads had melted, but there is still snow on the ground and it may snow again tonight. By Saturday, we are going to be into a Chinook again and it is supposed to be up to 16C again!!! She is such a tease!! I was out an about without a coat a couple of days ago in short sleeves!!

I had a sale this week!! Yes, it was my dear sis-in-law, but it was still a sale!! LOL! She purchased 3 of my bookmarks. I would love to find some coffee/tea related charms to make more of these bookmarks so that I could keep in that theme for my Etsy shop. I finally got a car wash today and put on my Etsy shop address decal that I got from HardcoreBaby . It is really cool! I put it on the back window of the van in hopes that people behind me will notice it.

The Coffee Condoms are all knitted up, now I am just adding the trim on them. They will be done and on their way by this weekend!! It has taken me a lot longer to make them than I thought they would. I think I have been doing too many other things at the same time. The basement/craft room is looking great though and DD#1 has a door on her room finally!! I will leave you today with a few pictures of the new additions.


gr 3:18 a.m.  

Pleased to meet you!
Cute work and nice photos.

Caffeinated Crafts 10:47 p.m.  

Nice to meet you too!

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