Friday, February 16, 2007

Lots of Coffee Condoms

The snow has finally stopped here and we are having a chinook! I love chinooks even though they are making the roads really sloppy. Just make sure you have lots of washer fluid and you are fine!

I have been asked to make 20 Coffee Condoms!! So, that means I have been knitting up a storm. I took most of yesterday off though because my hands were aching. I have about 8 done so far and will probably finish at least one more tonight! Hopefully they will be all done by early next week. Now if only my Etsy shop would pick up some speed. Here is a picture of what I am using as my knitting bag. It works really well for small projects and I can take a lot of colours with me as well as some extra stuff.

The craft area in the basement is almost ready to be primed!! DH should be finished sanding this weekend and may even get around to the priming!!! Next step is to get the cabinets- maybe from IKEA - and then paint! Then we will put in the work tables and tada!! Then it will be on to DD#1's bedroom. That should probably only take a weekend to mud and prime. There are not nearly as many seams and DH knows what he is doing now!! DD#1 can hardly wait to paint her room. It has been a long time coming.

I've joined a tea swap over on Swap-bot. I haven't done a swap in a while and never on swap-bot. I thought a tea swap would be a great way to get back into swaps. I've sent out my swaps and now just have to wait to get mine!! This is so much fun!!!

Well, off to knit!!


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