Thursday, January 25, 2007

Black and Red

Hi all!
I put a new Coffee Condom up on Etsy today. Go check it out!

I knit up a bunch to send to Outsider Art in a Box. Now I am making a few more to add to my shop. I am also working on a few different caffeine related items to add to my shop. I am going through a bit of a creative slump though and have to pick just one or two ideas to focus on.

I bought a new Fiskars rotary trimmer today at Michael's. I was getting frustrated with my little one because I couldn't get a straight line. So when I saw this on on sale, I jumped on it. It is really cool because you can add different blades to it to cut in different patterns! The cat is sleeping on it right now because it is still in it's box and the cat LOVES to sleep in boxes. I will have to play with it tomorrow!! LOL!!

I went to Office Depot tonight to pick up some boxes that I like to use, but they were sold out of quite a few of them. DD#2 picked up one to mail off a package and then I noticed that the Post-It notes were on sale!! Since I do love my post-it notes, I had to pick up a couple. I got ones shaped like arrows and ones shaped like hearts!! So much fun!!

Well, off to knit a bit more before bed!


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