Sunday, September 17, 2006

Busy Brain

Have you ever had so many things running through your brain that you find it hard to stop and focus on just one thing? My brain has been running that way for the past month and it still hasn't stopped!! My friend Rhonda from Outsider Art in a Box and her partner Bev came for a visit last month. Being around Rhonda or even chatting with her gets my creativity revved up! She has so many great ideas and her passion for art is contagious. I have been mulling over quite a few ideas and I hope to bring some here and on Etsy soon. I just need to stop and focus a bit more to get the things that are bouncing around in my brain out of there and into something concrete!! Wish me luck!! And if anyone has any useful ideas to help focus, I would be glad to hear them!

In other areas in my life, the garden is slowly coming to a close for the year. We have had our first light snow even though it is technically still summer. We have cut back all the peas and lettuces and put them in the compost. We got some wonderful salads from our garden this year and the best part was to see my DD#2 go out with a colander to the garden to pick lettuce, peas, radishes and carrots and come in with a big grin to make a salad for us for dinner! I still have some carrots, zucchinis and beets growing and am waiting for the rest of the beans to dry out a bit to save to plant next year.

Well, I'm off to try to focus!


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