Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Greening our Lives

Wednesdays I will be sharing the green things we already do and the things we are trying to do.

One thing that came up today was cloth bags. We have been using cloth bags for many years. My wonderful, crafty Mother made me a bunch just after Hans and I got married. Since then, we have aquired a lot more. We use them almost everywhere we go. Some of my favourites come from Save-On-Foods. We don't have one here in Calgary, but I got some when we were in Edmonton. They are great because they stand up nicely and they are a good size. Today while we were at Mountain Equipment Coop, I used the small fold up bag that I carry in my purse. I love having one with me for those spur of the moment purchases and it is sooooo small that it takes up no room at all.

This is just one way we try to be green. The bags we do end up with are either recycled or are put on backyard dog duty.

Do you have a favourite cloth bag??


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