Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy New Year *cough cough*

Yes, I know I am a bit late at wishing you all a Happy New Year. It has been an eventful start to the new year. I took December and most of January off from making anything for my shop. Instead I focused on xmas presents and then making a few things for myself and my family. It was a nice break, but now I am knitting again for the shop and am feeling all pumped up about some new things that I will be adding soon! A little while ago, I added Mug Whimzies.

They are used to identify your mug from other similar ones. They would be great for a coffee or tea party or for an office that has similar mugs. They also work on styrofoam cups if that is what you have at work. I hope you like them!!

On the thrifting front, I was at Value Village the other day and decided to go look at the craft section even though I wasn't planning on buying anything. Well, I turn my head and see some nice yarn in skeins. I go over and pull it off the rack and see that it is Misti Alpaca!! I scan again and see 3 more bags of nice yarn. I grab it all and then take a look. There was another bag of Misti Alpaca, 9 skeins of Koigu and 4 skeins of Lorna's Laces!!! So, basically I got $470 worth of yarn for $70!! They were all complete skeins and they smelled new still!!! I was so excited that I was vibrating! Oh I love the thrift store!!!!!

Well, off to pick up DD#2 from climbing and then back to knitting!

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