Thursday, August 09, 2007


So....I am finally getting around to catching you up on our July.

Almost every day in July DD#2 and DS spent the 6 hours at the mobile skatepark. They had such a great time!! They both learned some amazing new tricks and each only ended up with a few scrapes and bruises.

So that meant that there was a lot of driving and a lot of Booster Juice in July.

Amongst all the driving, DH started working on the deck. It has been a slow process between the skatepark, work, overtime, weather, a quick trip, and other stuff that needed to be done. I have been helping where I can, but he has done most of the work himself. It is almost done now, but the last 2 days have been raining, so all we get to do is look at it right now.

On July 3rd, by baby turned 12!! We had a great day at the water park and then came home for some homemade-gluten-free-cookie-crumb-based-better-than-DQ ice cream cake! DD#2 and I made it from scratch. It was her idea since she is eating gluten-free now. And, if I do say so myself, it turned out darn good!!! She wanted to make the ice cream as well, but for this time I talked her into store bought ice cream. Next time, we will definitely make our own! The base was a mix of gf chocolate cookie crumbs and some gf peanut butter cookies that DD#2 made. Yum!!!

Then on July 9th DD#1, my oldest turned 18! We spent the weekend up in Edmonton and met up with our friends from Cold Lake. We had a wonderful time! We stayed in hotel. We don't do that very often as usually when we travel we either camp or stay with friends or family. The master bedroom in the hotel suite was bigger than our own bedroom! We went to the Old Strathcona Market on the Saturday when we were there and came upon this!

It was the perfect time to be there! There was so much to see! What fun!

Then at the end of the month it was my turn for a birthday. I turned 38. When did that happen?? LOL!!! DH took me out for dinner and got me a new compact digital camera! I now own a Canon Power Shot SD800. It takes great pictures and is way more compact than my DSLR. It fits easily in my purse so I can take more quick shots for blogging!!! Now I just have to remember that I have it with me LOL!!!

Well, those were the highlights of our July. Now hopefully I can keep up with my blog in August. So far I am not off to the best start, but I am working on it!! LOL!!


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