Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blogging Break

Christmas presents are done and in the mail!!!!! Yeah!! Now back to our regular scheduled life! LOL!!!! Thanks for being patient with me during that blogging break!

I have put up a few new Coffee Condoms on my Etsy shop if you want to go take a look. I have also put up a mini "instructions not included" kit. It is still stuffed full of goodies, but in a smaller box to save on postage.

I have made a few cool thrifting finds! I have been looking for a kitchen witch for some time and hadn't yet found the perfect one. Well, I was in MCC and look who found me!! It's my fairy godmother! She is perfect and hanging beautifully in my kitchen.

I found these 2 mugs, this cute piggie fabric and these great scarves all on the same day at Goodwill. DH also picked up a Danier Leather jacket for $11 at the same time. I love days like that!!

The best find though was this wonderful sewing box at VV boutique!! It was still full of stuff and not priced yet. When we asked the price, the guy was going to bring it into the back to take all the stuff out, but DH wouldn't let him. LOL!! We got the whole thing for $20 + 25% off! Perfect!!!

I am trying to come up with some different crafts to try. I was thinking of trying my hand at needle felting. I love all the needle felted toys I see on the net and would love to be able to make some myself. Of course, that means finding the supplies. I think my local knitting store should have them.

I got out my sewing machine and whipped up a little purse and a pair of pj pants for DD#2.

After everything settles down around here, I am going to sew up a few more things. I would love to make a laptop bag for myself and have the perfect pattern for one. It is just difficult to sew here since my sewing table is also the kitchen table. Can you imagine that family actually want to use the kitchen table for eating!!! LOL!! Jeez!!!

Well, talking about eating, it is about dinner time, so I am off to find some food!!


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