Monday, June 19, 2006

Blog slap

Really good........
Start a new blog and then run away! Sorry about that! It is amazing how life can take you away from things so quickly.
Here I am though. I have been doing very little crafting as of late. My mom bought me a new sewing machine and all I have had time to do is try it out! I did cut out a pattern, but have yet to get around to sewing it. I have been working on a project for my friend Rhonda. You can check her out at Outsider Art In A Box
She is one of my inspirations when it comes to creativity! I can only hope to be half as creative as she is!
Otherwise, I have been out in my garden! It is coming along fairly well. Hopefully next year I will get some more plants started! Here is a couple of pictures of the vegetable garden. Hubby did a great job building what was in my head!


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